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Private, Decentralised, Secure.
Prosopo CAPTCHA.

Say goodbye to intrusive, centralised CAPTCHA solutions. Prosopo CAPTCHA offers robust bot protection without compromising user privacy.

Uncompromising security.
Deployed in minutes.

Protect your applications from bots and bad actors without compromising user privacy or security.

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Decentralised App Protection

Prosopo is the only fully decentralised bot protection service for applications. We provide a simple, secure and scalable solution to protect your users from bots and bad actors without compromising user privacy or security.

Seamless Integration

Prosopo Captcha is a drop in replacement for reCaptcha and hCaptcha, allowing you to be up and running in minutes.

Verification as a priority
Prosopo isn’t building closed source datasets, and prioritises human verification for your app first, not data labelling.

Private & anonymous

We don't store any data. Bot detectors receive minimal information from your application and there is no centralised user data store.

Free forever

Grow your site from 0 to 100,000 users without paying a penny. We'll never charge for our image based CAPTCHA service.

Our Team

Chris Taylor


14 years product & technology experience across a variety of companies including several startups in advertising and tech.

George Oastler

Founding Software Engineer

Published machine learning researcher and bitcoin miner since the early days. A skilled developer who is able to build complex web architectures with an understanding of where the technology is moving.

Hugh Parry

Founding Software Engineer

Mathematician and computer scientist with a deep understanding of data structures, algorithms, and cryptography. Blockchain payments advocate and one of the first employees worldwide to be paid in stable coin.

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